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藝術報國 Ars Association


策展人暨編舞家陳柏潔及設計師陳鈺分,於2021年共同創辦位在台中市的雙人創作組合「藝術報國Ars Association」,聚焦於肢體本質的研究,並且跨學科擴延,透過策展、創作、知識共享及網絡連結等方式與社會溝通。

代表作品有「2022 好青!藝術創造計畫」(Art Creation Project, 2022)、《艾拉 – 第一次造訪》(Ayla- The First Visit, 2022)、《歡迎來到我的練舞場》(2022),以及2024年將陸續發表《速寫系列》(The Sketch Series;系列式展演創作)、《在場》(Possibility of Presences; 階段發展)、《發現之地》(Locus)以及推出《舞蹈方程式》(Dance Equation)系列教育推廣課程。

藝術報國 Ars Association 現為IETM (當代表演藝術國際網絡International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts, IETM) 及 PAA (表演藝術聯盟Performing Arts Alliance, PAA) 會員。

Choreographer and curator Po-Chieh CHEN, along with designer Yu-Fen CHEN, jointly established the art duo “Ars Association” in Taichung City (Taiwan) in 2021. As a contemporary performing arts group, focused on the study of the essence of physicality, the group extends across disciplines, engaging with society through curation, creation, knowledge sharing, and network connections.

The groups’ recent works include “2022 So Fresh! Art Creation Project,” “Ayla- First Visit” (2022), “Welcome to My Dance Studio” (2022).

In 2024, they will release the ongoing artistic creations, such as “Sketch Series”, “Possibility of Presences” (work-in-progress), “Locus”, and introduce the “Dance Equation” series of educational outreach programs.


  • 肢體 / 跨領域創作
  • 策展
  • 實踐研究
  • 跨文化 / 國際交流
  • 藝術推廣


  • 小型演出
  • 排練
  • 講座 / 工作坊 / 會議

Artistic Development

  • Movement-based / Interdisciplinary Arts Creations
  • Curatorial Projects
  • Practice-based Research
  • Interculture / International Exchange
  • Arts Education


  • Performance
  • Rehearsal
  • Lecture / Workshop / Meeting

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